Eran Alon left behind something in everyone of us. His boundless curiosity, sense of humor, adventurousness, wisdom and many more wonderful qualities made life more adventurous, funny, interesting and exciting. When we heard of Eran being killed, we all felt that what was, will never be again as it would be impossible to find someone like Eran to break our routine and take us on an adventure to somewhere exciting and new. Personally, despite a relatively short acquaintance, losing Eran was difficult as I really loved him. Although time has passed since Eran was killed, I often find myself still using his figures of speech and telling stories that happen to us while we were together. These are my favorite stories, as his incredible ability to connect to people (or rather their desire to connect with him) brought on enough adventures and experiences to last a lifetime. Eran had friends from all walks of life: friends from the "Garin" (small group of people who do a volunteer before and during their army service), friends from school, friends from his trip to South America and friends from different places in the military. We didn't all know each other before Eran was killed, but we all share the same feeling of gratitude for having had the chance to meet such a wonderful person who gave us a taste of the real vibration of life. Of course there is no comparison between the pain of friends to the pain of the family, especially of parents who have lost their son. Haya, Eran's mother, lost not only a son, but a close friend with whom she used to cook, laugh and share close intimate experiences. Pinchas, Erans father, never got over the loss, until he too passed away several years later. Over the years, Eran's friends could not let go of the idea that they wish to commemorate Eran in some way which will resonate his spirit. Thus, twelve years after his death, the Masa Le-Masa project was initiated in the hope that Eran's shining eyes, mischievous smile, wisdom and adventurous way of living will resonate for years to come in the adventures of those who carry the bags on their back. Ori